An unprecedented program providing rapid long-term private housing for homeless disabled Veterans nationwide, for as little as 0.1% of the typical cost.

How We Do It

Thousands of homeless disabled veterans are NOT receiving the monthly VA Disability compensation payments they are owed.

If they did, they’d have the necessary funds to afford housing, and wouldn’t be homeless.

Some have applied, but most who did have been rejected because they didn’t apply properly by attempting it themselves, or they received a disability rating far below what they should have, because they didn’t understand the complex application process.

Most have never applied because they have no idea how to do so, or how to get help to do it correctly. It’s not easy! (I know, because I had to navigate the VA disability system myself, became an expert, and decided to use this knowledge to help other veterans.)

Our unique, innovative solution has received acclaim and support from some very prominent people. Here are just a few…

Retired Generals Bob Dees and Jeff Horne

Retired Admiral, Congressman Ronny Jackson

Jason Gilbert, Disabled Veterans PAC. 
Darin Selnick, Former Sr. Advisor to Sec of VA & White House Advisor for Veteran Affairs

Our Solution…

We’ve created a one-of-a-kind project to get these homeless heroes off the street and into private quality independent housing…FAST:

Here’s how we do this, in just 5 steps…

  • ✅ My rapid response One Day Housing Team and I travel to a city.

  • ✅ We fill a room full of pre-vetted homeless disabled Veterans, who are able and willing to be housed. (i.e., Not those with substance abuse or severe mental illness issues, that won't or can't live independently).

  • ✅ We assess their disabilities, and help them apply (or re-apply) for a VA decision and compensation ON THE SPOT, bypassing the typical one to two year backlog by skipping them to the "front of the line".

  • ✅ A few months later, they will receive a disability rating decision and compensation…typically $1,000-$3,300 per month!

  • ✅ We then connect them with landlords who are happy to accept them as new tenants, now that they are receiving monthly compensation from the VA.


Actual House The Heroes “Done For You” Workshop 100% Success Rate!

Additional Assistance We Provide These Vets...

While these homeless vets are awaiting their VA disability decision and compensation, we also help them apply for two other programs that help them even more:

  1. VA Grant Per Diem Program: Upon approval, they only have to pay 1/3 of their rent for two years. They can then keep the balance for food and other living expenses.
  2. HUD-VASH Program: This is essentially Section 8 housing for homeless veterans, which pays most/all of their rent after their VA Per Diem program expires.

Additionally, when you and I get these vets off the streets, it drastically reduces the risk of them becoming substance abusers, and/or the deterioration of their mental health. It even lowers the astronomically high veteran suicide rate of 22 vets per day.

We’re proud to be the ONLY organization anywhere that does this.

Unlike some cities like Los Angeles, where it costs nearly one million dollars and years to house EACH homeless person, we can house each homeless disabled veteran for approximately 0.1% of this cost…and in only a few months, NOT years.

Sponsors Can Follow Their Veteran’s Progress…

When you become a sponsor today, you will receive the name and background of the veteran(s) you are sponsoring, including a personal THANK YOU video that they make for you.

They also receive email updates on their progress, including…

  📨 When the VA has accepted their disability rating application into the system and is processing it.
  📨 When they have received a VA disability rating and monthly compensation, to include the amount.
  📨 When and where they have been housed.

These sponsors can be proud of the fact that they are the only Americans that have impacted a hero in this manner this fast.

Our ability to perform this service in cities is limited only by our financial resources, so we welcome new donors who would like to provide housing to mentally stable homeless veterans (for life, in most cases) for as little as $1k per veteran. 

In Just a Few Short Months…and Usually FOR LIFE

We House Homeless Disabled Veterans Fast

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House The Heroes is a dba of the IRS-chartered non-profit Philanthropy Fund Multiplier 501(c)(3).
Use EIN# 82-4080680 for tax-deductible donations.

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